When your BFF’s nest is finally empty should you send her an arrangement of fruit? Heck no!

When your college roommate dumps that jerk of a second husband do you think she needs tea and sympathy? No Way!

When your sister reaches her big 6-0 (before you thank God!) is it flowers she’s after? ‘Fraid not!

What these women north-of-40 need is BOLD FEARLESS FUN !

That’s why we started Konenkii. Who among us couldn’t use a little fun in our lives? Just because we’re midlife doesn’t mean we’re done! Au contraire! We’re just gearing up for our next new life adventures.

Our happy quarterly gift box is full of surprises, little luxuries that let her know she matters. Someone is thinking of her and knows exactly what will give her a surprise and a smile and something to look forward to every three months.

It’s the GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING! What's in it? (Check out the reveals for the Summer Box, Spring Box , and Special One-time Valentine's Day Box )

We don’t want to spoil the surprise but she can count on finding something fabulous to eat, to wear, to read, or share.

Think she’s too old or too young?

Not a chance! Bold Fearless Fun knows no bounds whether you are 40 or 104!

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Konenkii creates awesome boxes. Every time I get one, I know I will love… and use… everything in the box. Sometimes there are things I wouldn’t pick out for myself, but end up loving (like the snake bracelet). Other times, there are things (like the flex bottle) that I have wanted but haven’t gotten around to purchasing for myself. The products are perfect for Konenkii’s target audience (women north of 40) – especially because there’s not a wrinkle cream to be found. Instead, everything is designed to celebrate the fun of being a bold, mature woman. I honestly feel each time I get a Konenkii box, that the curators absolutely know me. It’s awesome! I recommend Konenkii for anyone like me, women who are “aging fearlessly and having fun along the way! FULL REVIEW...

I love Konenkii – I know that I will like and use everything in the box, even things I wouldn’t normally pick for myself, which is cool. The products are perfect for women north of 40, not because the products are for smoothing out my laughlines or hiding my grey hair, but because they celebrate the fun of being a bold, mature woman. Red nail polish! Coconut rum cookies! Plants I can’t kill! I also totally love how the curators envision the theme and make it work for people like me. A lot of summer boxes are tank tops and shell beads…which are fine…but you can tell the Konenkii creators put more thought into it when they include things like a large scarf! I recommend Konenkii for anyone like me, who is “aging fearlessly and having fun along the way!” FULL REVIEW...

You know, at this point I have honestly lost count of how many different boxes I've had the privilege to review. I love all of them, each category bringing new wonders and delights to my mailbox. There's one category in particular that sits at the top of my list though - Lifestyle. It brings you the best of everything and one of my favorite lifestyle subscrptions has to be Konenkii box.

The thing I love most about Konenkii is how each box brings a curation of items that I never expect. Each is so unassuming at first but the more you look, the more you love them. There's variety, they're all practical and they are all completely perfect! Konenkii is just down right magical to me! FULL REVIEW ...

The Konenkii box is such a fun lifestyle subscription box and it has become one of my favorites! “Age fearlessly. Have fun. Be bold.” is my motto, too! These ladies have head-to-toe covered with class and it is such a treat to explore the goodies they send.

The Summer 2016 Konenkii box was so fun to review and I loved everything it contained! The items were well varied and they all fit the summer theme of the box. This would be a really great box to send as a birthday gift – and it’s not too early to be thinking about your favorite winter holidays, either. What did you think of the Summer 2016 Konenkii box? FULL REVIEW...

Konenkii is the highest rated subscription box for women north-of-40 (50, 60, 70+).   Bloggers and customers agree—WOW just WOW!